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Sennheiser To Carry K-Array In NA

New York (May 5, 2009)--Sennheiser has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for North America with K-Array, a PA loudspeaker and amplifier manufacturer based in Florence, Italy.

K-Array’s ultra-compact, flagship KH4 New York (May 5, 2009)–Sennheiser has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for North America with K-Array, a PA loudspeaker and amplifier manufacturer based in Florence, Italy.

K-Array’ produces lightweight speakers such as the new KH4 self-powered, two-way, flat panel line array.

K-Array’s ultra-compact, flagship KH4 delivers audio in long throw applications. Weighing less than 104 lbs. and measuring 44 inches wide by 24 inches high and 6.3 inches deep, the system can produce 145 dB SPL. The vertical coverage pattern is variable between seven and thirty-seven degrees, with a 120-degree horizontal coverage pattern. The KS4 self-powered, dipole subwoofer is 6.3 inches in depth and weighs 82 lbs. An internal DSP module controls the KH4 mid/high pack and the KS4 subwoofer. The speakers may be computer controlled remotely using dedicated PC software.

Vaino Gennaro, business director for live sound products at Sennheiser Canada says, “We are excited to bring this innovative technology to North America. The technology, design, and sound quality of K-Array have generated a big buzz in Europe and the Middle East. The depth of the line and the crossover into various markets makes K-Array an extremely attractive brand. It will change the production standards of the live entertainment industry.”

Dawn Birr, product manager for K-array at US-based Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, says, “K-array is lighter and smaller than traditional speaker arrays. The KH4 has developed a unique high-power, flat panel speaker technology for long-throw, large venue applications. The space-saving design and performance-to-size ratio offer significant cost savings in production, rigging, transportation and setup for medium to large-scale live performance events.”

“We are delighted that Sennheiser is handling the distribution of our products in North America,'” says Alex Tatini, CEO of K-Array. “Sennheiser has a long and illustrious history in the audio industry. We are experiencing strong growth, and having Sennheiser on board means that we can gain access more easily into their growing markets. We look forward to a long and profitable partnership.”

Other K-Array products include the slim Kobra Systems, the Ka line of Class D amplifiers and KM8 ultra-compact, high-powered line array stage monitors. Included in the Kobra Systems range are the KK200 and KK50, ultra-thin, three-dimensional array loudspeakers, which are 6.5 feet and 1.6 feet in length, respectively. Sennheiser China announced their distribution agreement with K-Array in December 2008.

K-Array will be officially introduced to the North American Market in June 2009 at the InfoComm show in Orlando. Product will begin shipping in June.