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Sensaphonics Intros Hardwired IEM System

Chicago, IL (January 2, 2008)--Sensaphonics has introduced a hardwired version of its 3D Active Ambient IEM system.

Sensaphonics’ hardwired 3D Active Ambient IEM system includes custom-fit 3D-2 earphones, 3D-HW bodypack mixer and a LEMO-dual XLR cable. Chicago, IL (January 2, 2008)–Sensaphonics has introduced a hardwired version of its 3D Active Ambient IEM system.

Designed as a standalone system for drummers, keyboardists and other stationary performers, the 3DAA-HW Active Ambient uses microphones embedded in soft silicone earphones to pick up stage ambience with natural sound quality and accurate directional cues. This binaural ambient signal is sent to the 3D-HW bodypack mixer, where it is combined with the monitor feed from the console with zero latency.

“Being able to hear naturally without removing your earphones is an amazing experience for performers,” notes Sensaphonics president and CEO, Michael Santucci. “The 3D Active Ambient has revolutionized the onstage experience for artists like Steven Tyler and Brooks & Dunn. No one else offers anything like it, and we’re pleased to now offer all those benefits to drummers and keyboard players with the hardwired version of the 3D-HW Active Ambient.”

The 3D Active Ambient is reportedly the only personal system that provides full ambient sound for the performer while keeping the ears fully sealed. This allows the performer to have normal conversations and hear audience response with the earphones still in place.

The core of the system is the 3D ambient earphone set, available in two custom-fit versions. The 3D-1 is a single-driver, balanced armature design offering the same performance as the ProPhonic 2X-S, while the 3D-2 is a dual-driver version provides the same sonic signature, but with more headroom and extended bass response. Sensaphonics’ unbreakable soft-gel silicone design provides isolation. The precision-tuned embedded microphones are said to be able to handle the impact and volume of a drum kit without distortion, so the performer can hear ambient sound exactly as if no earphones were being worn. The system comes with a 48-inch cable assembly.