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Sensaphonics Signs On Mike Adams

Chicago, IL (May 14, 2009)--Veteran monitor engineer Mike Adams is joining Sensaphonics as Director of Touring Sales, North America.

Chicago, IL (May 14, 2009)–Veteran monitor engineer Mike Adams is joining Sensaphonics as Director of Touring Sales, North America.

Adams, whose recent tours include AC/DC, John Mayer and The Rolling Stones, will focus concentrate on meeting the IEM needs of major tours in the U.S. and Canada.

“I’ve been considering a move like this for a while now, and when Sensaphonics offered me the opportunity, I took it as a sign,” said Adams. “They are one of the coolest companies in the industry, with great products and service. I’ve always made it a point to work with the best, so this is a great fit for me.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Mike Adams,” said Sensaphonics president and founder Michael Santucci, AuD. “This is the guy who finally got Mick Jagger on ears for a full tour! He has been a huge supporter of our products over the years, and knows all the major players out there. Mike has helped us as a beta tester and provided valuable feedback on recent products like the 2MAX and 3D Active Ambient. We’ve couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable and well-connected engineer to get the word out on Sensaphonics.”

Over the years, Adams has helped a wide range of artists make the transition to personal monitoring, providing him with first-hand knowledge of all the major brands. “For any product on stage, the two things you need are great sound and reliability. When it comes to ears, I’ve used them all, but I always came back to the Sensaphonics. I consider them to be the most accurate reference–there’s no unnatural coloration to the sound, the reliability is great, and the fit and comfort are simply unmatched. The science behind Sensaphonics is amazing, the service is second to none, and bottom line, they just sound better.”

Adams broke into touring sound nearly 30 years ago, getting his start doing sound at clubs in his native Colorado. After many years as an independent, he hooked up with Showco in the nineties, where he advanced under the tutelage of M.L. Procise and Howard Page. His client list over the years has ranged from heavy rock and pop, to blues and soul, including such artists as Guns ‘N Roses, B.B. King, Kiss, Luther Vandross, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. “I’ve been incredibly lucky in my years as a mixer,” Adams said. “I’ve have had the chance to learn from the best, on the best equipment, and work with some of the best bands around. So in my mind, this won’t be that big of a change–except now I can sleep in my own bed!”