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Shure Acquires Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Mics

New York (April 7, 2009)- Shure Inc. has acquired Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones from Soundwave Research Laboratories.

New York (April 7, 2009)- Shure Inc. has acquired Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones from Soundwave Research Laboratories.

Under a definitive agreement, Shure now owns all intellectual property, microphone process equipment, product designs and other important assets related to the Crowley and Tripp line. Shure will manufacture ribbon microphones in its Wheeling, IL facility using the patented Roswellite shape-memory acoustic ribbon material developed by Soundwave Research. Shure will also assume responsibility for ongoing service and support for existing owners of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphone products.

“Ribbon microphones have always been prized for their warm sound quality, but older designs are delicate, which has limited their applications,” said Scott Sullivan, Shure’s senior director of Global Product Management. “With the acquisition of the Crowley and Tripp product line and its Roswellite ribbon technology, Shure is extending the use of ribbon microphones to the stage in addition to their use in the studio.”

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the leading manufacturer of microphones to further the development and commercialization of improved ribbon microphones,” said Soundwave Research president Robert J. Crowley.

“Bringing new technologies like Roswellite into the marketplace is an important goal for our company,” added Sandy LaMantia, Shure’s president and CEO. “Our customers expect continuous improvement. For more than 84 years, Shure has been dedicated to manufacturing the finest microphones in the world and developing innovative audio technologies for our customers.”

“This new ribbon technology enables us to combine the characteristic ribbon sound with the durability for which Shure products are famous,” said Chad Wiggins, Shure’s Wired Microphone Products Category manager. “Our customers know they can use their Shure microphones in every conceivable scenario, from the most subtle vocal performance to high-SPL instruments, like a kick drum. Now they can take advantage of the unique sound signature of a ribbon microphone no matter what their application is.”

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