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Shure Adds to KSM Studio Mic Family

Niles, IL (June 28, 2010)--Shure Incorporated has introduced the latest additions to its line of KSM microphones--the KSM42 and KSM44A.

Niles, IL (June 28, 2010)–Shure Incorporated has introduced the latest additions to its line of KSM microphones–the KSM42 and KSM44A.

The KSM42 is a side-address, cardioid condenser microphone for vocal recording. “We built the KSM42 so that it would excel in studio vocal applications,” says Chad Wiggins, Shure’s category manager for wired products. “From the capsule and the preamp to the housing and the accessories, we designed the KSM42 to deliver a natural environment for sophisticated performance and recording.”

With a tailored frequency response and internal and external pop filtering, the single-pattern, dual-diaphragm design of the KSM42 reportedly exhibits a wide dynamic range and smooth proximity control for studio applications. “When engineers put the KSM42 in front of a vocalist, they’re going to get a consistent tonal quality whether that vocalist is two inches from the microphone or two feet away,” Wiggins adds.

The KSM44A is a large-diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone that can be used in a variety of live and studio applications. Wiggins explains, “We’ve lowered the self-noise while simultaneously increasing the max sound pressure level (SPL). The result is seven additional decibels of pure dynamic range.”

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