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Shure Shows Personal Monitoring Options At NAMM

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2004)--Shure exhibited some new personal monitoring options at last week's NAMM Show, announcing the re-launch of its successful PSM 700 Personal Monitor System for two new frequency bands--H3 (524-554MHz) and L2 (632-662 MHz)--and launching the new E3 in-ear earphones.

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2004)–Shure exhibited some new personal monitoring options at last week’s NAMM Show, announcing the re-launch of its successful PSM 700 Personal Monitor System for two new frequency bands–H3 (524-554MHz) and L2 (632-662 MHz)–and launching the new E3 in-ear earphones.

The re-launched PSM 700 incorporates significant new features including Shure’s new patented Audio Reference Companding which delivers sound quality far beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology, and more compatible channels than ever before. The PSM 700 draws its superior sonic characteristics from redesigned circuitry utilizing Shure’s proprietary Audio Reference Companding. Unlike traditional wireless companding schemes that are restricted by a fixed compression ratio, this technology utilizes a variable compression ratio. The result is the elimination of wireless artifacts during quiet passages and superior dynamic range.

In addition to the improved audio, two new frequency bands, H3 and L2, have been created. The new bands offer a total of up to 64 usable frequencies in the 524-554 MHz and 632-662 MHz ranges, thereby permitting the simultaneous operation of as many as 32 systems when combining both bands (area dependent). Other features provided in the new PSM 700 system include a frequency locator that quickly identifies any available channels within a given environment, and improved, integrated dynamic overload protection that reduces RF distortion. The system has also been further optimized with redesigned frequency-select controls on the PSM 700 transmitter, offering easier readability, even at a distance.

Pricing for upgraded PSM 700 systems and individual components remain unchanged. An active antenna combiner (model PA821) and directional antenna (model PA805WB) have been added to the Shure catalog as well, both of which are ideally suited for PSM 700 use. The Shure PSM 700 is now shipping. List prices for components remain unchanged and include $1326 for the P7T transmitter and $1220 for the P7R receiver. PSM 700 components are also available as systems and with a selection of earphones.

Shure’s E3 sound isolating earphones, also introduced at NAMM, are available in all PSM Personal Monitor Systems, and separately through Shure dealers worldwide at a suggested retail price of $215. With the E3 earphones, Shure has added a new look and feel to its popular line of E Series in ear earphones. The E3s combine the same studio-quality listening experience common to the line, with a new level of comfort and design that make it the perfect accessory for personal monitor systems and portable listening devices. The smallest and most compact design of any earphone in the Shure line, the E3s utilize low mass, high energy micro-speakers to deliver incredibly precise sound. In addition, the E3s block external noise with comfortable sound-isolating sleeves that contour to the inside of the ears.

The E3 is compatible with all 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) audio outputs. Home and office users who crave audiophile sound can plug the earphones into their DVD entertainment systems and computers. Road warriors with portable MP3, CD, and MiniDisc players, as well as Palm and Pocket PC handhelds, will appreciate the sound isolation from travel noise.