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Singular Eases Dual-System Sync

Vancouver, BC, Canada (April 14, 2010)--Singular Software has introduced DualEyes, offering audio replacement for DSLR and other video.

Vancouver, BC, Canada (April 14, 2010)–Singular Software has introduced DualEyes, offering audio replacement for DSLR and other video.

Designed as a standalone application for the automatic synchronization of video and audio clips for dual-system audio, DualEyes can be used with any video editing software for quick and efficient post production results. DualEyes is powered by the same advanced technology as the popular PluralEyes product, but is streamlined for the task of replacing in-camera scratch audio with separately recorded high-quality audio.

“DSLR video cameras have taken the industry by storm with their stunning video quality. However, getting comparable audio quality is a challenge,” says Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software. “The best approach is dual-system; record the audio on an external recorder and replace the camera audio in post-production. DualEyes makes that replacement step a breeze by automatically syncing the video clips to the external audio, then cutting up that audio into clips that correspond precisely with each video clip. Since it can be used with everything from entry-level consumer editors to full-blown professional production suites, DualEyes meets the needs of both the novice and advanced editor alike.”

The DualEyes application for dual-system audio utilizes the same high-level technology as its sister product, PluralEyes, to automatically sync video clips to an audio recording. Users simply record audio on a separate recorder while recording video. DualEyes synchronizes and cuts up the audio to automatically match each video clip in both start time and duration. With DualEyes’ technology, all original media files are kept intact and new media files are created for maximum flexibility. The video and new audio clips are imported into a video editor and linked together as the starting point for the creative editing process. Since DualEyes is a standalone application it can be used with any video editing software to easily obtain the highest quality audio for any video production.

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