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Sky Outfits 3D Truck with Calrec

Hebden Bridge, UK (February 17, 2010)--BSkyB (Sky) has chosen to outfit the world's first custom-designed fulltime 3D production truck with Calrec Audio's Apollo digital console.

Hebden Bridge, UK (February 17, 2010)–BSkyB (Sky) has chosen to outfit the world’s first custom-designed fulltime 3D production truck with Calrec Audio’s Apollo digital console.

Operated by the U.K. outside broadcast outfit Telegenic, the Sky 3D truck will hit the roads later this spring, as Sky rolls out Europe’s first 3D TV channel.

Built by A Smith Great Bentley Ltd., Sky’s vehicle is a triple-expanding HD truck with more than 180 square feet of interior space, to accommodate up to 24 cameras or 12 stereo camera rigs for full 3D programming. The 48-fader Apollo console has over 1,000 freely assignable channel processing paths, which will give Sky the opportunity to enhance its 5.1 coverage alongside the 3D image capabilities.

“We specified the Apollo not only because we needed cutting edge technology, but operationally, it is a natural progression from the Alpha console,” said Sky Sports’ operations manager Keith Lane. “This is important as it is an easy transition for operators to move from the Alpha platform to the Apollo. In addition, the configurable nature of the control surface gives us scope to develop our techniques as our operations grow.”

The Apollo has up to 78 minutes of assignable delay. Sky is also looking at using more discrete embedded audio, using all 16 SDI channels.

With a commitment to launching Sky 3D to its commercial customers in April, and then to all residential Sky+HD customers later in the year, the Sky 3D truck will be used weekly on Sky Sports outside broadcasts as well as on other genres of Sky programming. Sky has already been trial testing using Telegenic’s T5 unit, which houses a Calrec S2 console.

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