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Sony Creative Software Announces ACID Pro 7

Madison, WI (October 14, 2008)--Sony Creative Software today announced ACID Pro 7 digital audio workstation software, available in early November.

Madison, WI (October 14, 2008)–Sony Creative Software today announced ACID Pro 7 digital audio workstation software, available in early November.

ACID Pro 7 software is expected to offer complete DAW functionality including multitrack recording, 5.1-channel mixing, MIDI sequencing and loop-based music production. Now Microsoft Vista-compatible, ACID Pro 7 software reportedly “enables a faster and more flexible creative environment by providing precise control over the music creation process through enhancements such as a new mixing environment, MIDI track freeze, tempo curves, improved Beatmapping, and additional import/export options.”

“The key to developing a superior professional digital audio workstation has always been about providing a better means for channeling one’s inspiration from the first, initial creative spark, to the final output coming from one’s computer. ACID Pro 7 is no exception,” said Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing. “Whether tracking a live band, performing on stage, scoring film, working in post-production or simply trying to cut a new demo in your studio, there is no other professional application that can provide the intuitive solutions by which to make it all happen. From our rock-solid stability, to the depth of unique features for enhancing creative expression, Sony’s ACID technology has been at the heart of digital music production for a decade and will continue to offer more innovations for multitrack recording, MIDI sequencing and loop-based music production for those who want their creative ideas to truly make a difference.”

“ACID has long been an invaluable tool for my work in composing film and commercial soundtracks,” said Jason Gleed, New York-based producer, composer and musician who has recently worked on movie soundtracks for the Sex and the City, Speed Racer and Hamlet 2 films using ACID Pro. “With ACID Pro, the software never gets in the way of my creativity. The new features in version 7 will help me work even more quickly to produce imaginative music that keeps my phone ringing with requests for new projects.”

ACID Pro 7 software advances the application’s DAW functionality with new features that, says the manufacturer, make the music production process flow smoother by leveraging the Transparent Technology in all of its professional music applications. The software provides digital audio production tools that support different production workflows in one application. In addition, ACID Pro 7 software now includes interactive tutorials to help new users get started.

New ACID Pro 7 features include:

* Audio and MIDI mixing console: The new audio and MIDI mixing console offers additional routing options, aiming to provide a more efficient in-studio recording environment. The mixing console offers an integrated look at all tracks and busses in an ACID project with the appearance of a traditional hardware-based mixer, yet can be customized.

* MIDI Track Freeze: With ACID Pro 7 software, users can freeze MIDI tracks that use multiple soft synths and render them as a .wav file which can then be streamed and played back as audio files. MIDI Track Freeze provides faster results and greater CPU efficiency during a mixing session when using multiple soft synths.

* Real-time rendering: Real-time rendering allows users to incorporate live input from external sources such as an instrument, microphone or MIDI controller device. Users can route audio to external hardware, and effects processors.

* Input busses: With input busses, users have greater control over routing input signals, including the ability to record from external devices with effects, mix external audio sources with projects, use external effects processors with tracks and busses and perform real-time input monitoring.

* Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with Zplane élastique Pro: Zplane’s processing technology provides ACID Pro 7 software with new algorithms that provide nearly artifact-free time stretching and pitch shifting. Beatmapped tracks can be time stretched and pitch shifted more dramatically while retaining maximum sound quality.

* Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with multiple tempos: The enhanced Beatmapping in ACID Pro 7 software allows users to Beatmap songs with varying tempos and time signatures, providing more flexibility when composing songs and performing remixes.

* Tempo curves: Users can create tempo changes in their ACID Pro projects using new tempo curves that provide a more efficient way to linearly adjust your music’s pacing.

* FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio, and MPEG-2 format support: Users can import and export additional file formats with ACID Pro 7 software, allowing for more options with streaming media and hardware devices including the Apple iPod.

ACID Pro 7 software comes with a software bundle that includes the Garritan Aria for ACID Pro player and custom sample library developed in conjunction with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.; the ACID Pro Effects Rack powered by iZotope; Submersible Music KitCore; and Native Instruments Guitar Combos. ACID Pro 7 software also includes over 3,000 music loops and 1,000 MIDI files. Additionally, ACID Pro 7 enables users to upload songs to the online music community directly from the ACID Pro interface. Sony Creative Software also offers an extensive content collection of over 130 high-quality loop libraries optimized to work with the ACID product line.

The ACID Pro 7 digital audio workstation will be available in early November.

Sony Creative Software