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Sony Creative Software Intros Download Delivery

Madison, WI (November 21, 2008)--Sony Creative Software has introduced a download delivery option for its entire royalty-free content catalog.

Madison, WI (November 21, 2008)–Sony Creative Software has introduced a download delivery option for its entire royalty-free content catalog.

All Sony Creative Software loop libraries, Cinescore Themes, sound effects and Vision Series content collections, including previously discontinued titles, are now available for purchase via download at discounted prices.

“Providing this content download option is a natural progression for Sony Creative Software,” says Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing, “as it offers additional value and convenience to our user community who have told us that having immediate access to royalty-free music and video content is critical to their creative workflow. No matter what part of the world they are from, producers can now browse, audition, purchase, and download Sony Creative Software content anytime they desire without having to interrupt the production process. Due to the lower costs of digital delivery, we can also offer our users discounted pricing while compounding their savings on shipping costs.”

Available on the Sony Creative Software Web site, users can purchase content via download by clicking on the “Download” option button next to the titles they would like to buy. Users can also audition content by genre, artist, or collection before purchasing.

Announced in conjunction with the new download delivery feature is Sony Creative Software’s first download-only loop library title, “Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series.” More than 700 loops and 10 royalty-free ACID projects make up the loop library. Additional new download-only titles will be added to the online catalog on a regular basis.

Downloadable content is now available as a purchase option on the English version of the Sony Creative Software website. Sony Creative Software plans to launch the downloadable content section of its French, German, Spanish and Japanese websites in Q1 2009.

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