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Sony Monitors with RTW

Beijing, China (September 30, 2010)--Sony China Professional Solutions Group has deployed RTW's SurroundMonitor 10800X-PLUS for use on its new HD OB van.

Beijing, China (September 30, 2010)–Sony China Professional Solutions Group has deployed RTW’s SurroundMonitor 10800X-PLUS for use on its new HD OB van.

The SurroundMonitor 10800X-PLUS is being used for the live broadcast of EXPO 2010, the “World’s Fair”-style exposition currently taking place in Shanghai until October 31. The Sony OB van’s SurroundMonitor 10800X-PLUS is equipped with the latest firmware update, which enables it to measure loudness in accordance with the ITU BS.1770 recommendation.

“The Sony OB van was designed to handle live broadcasts of some of China’s most high-profile events, which makes for a very frenetic production environment” says Ma Jianguo, general manager, Beijing Viaudio Tech Co., Ltd., which performed the van’s audio system design and integration for Sony. “It was essential that any equipment going into the van made it as easy as possible for the crew members to do their jobs. The fact that the SurroundMonitor 10800X-PLUS displays all necessary information on one screen has made this possible. It offers excellent audio monitoring and a level of convenience that is very much appreciated by the sound engineer and other staff members.”

Once the Sony OB van finishes broadcasting EXPO 2010, it will move on to cover the 2010 Asian Games, taking place November 12 through 27, 2010, in Guangzhou, China.