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Sound Ideas Library Hits Avastor Drive

Toronto, Canada (August 22, 2008)--Sound Ideas, is making its new Ultimate SFX Collection available on Avastor HDX800 triple interface hard drives.

Toronto, Canada (August 22, 2008)–Sound Ideas, is making its new Ultimate SFX Collection available on Avastor HDX800 triple interface hard drives.

Sound Ideas, reputedly the world’s largest publisher of professional sound effects for the broadcast and post production markets, currently offers more than 200 distinct collections to broadcast, post production and multimedia facilities around the world. In recent years, Sound Ideas has produced multi-platform sound effects libraries, including products that contain the standard red book CD audio format as well as mp3 and .wav files for easier use in multimedia editing studios.

The Ultimate SFX Collection offers the complete Sound Ideas sound effects libraryto users which includes more than 600 CDs of audio (120,000 royalty-free sound effects), fully digitized in broadcast .wav file format and embedded with all relevant metadata. Customers are able to choose from either a Mac or PC platform and between three different sample formats: 16 bit/44.1 kHz, 16 bit/48 kHz, or 24 bit/48 kHz. With this large amount of content available in one compilation, Sound Ideas required a storage medium that would be able to easily handle the collection while at the same time make it easy to transport.

“It’s nice to find a professionally designed external FireWire drive that delivers in performance and that is also efficiently packaged,” comments Brian Nimens, president and CEO of Sound Ideas. “We are happy to entrust the value of our flagship Ultimate SFX sound effects library to Avastor HDX800 drives, which are being sold worldwide.”

The Avastor HDX hard drive line has an internal auto sensing AC power supply that can operate between 90 and 240 volts, thereby having worldwide compatibility. Every drive also has a cooling fan, robust lockable foam lined packaging and is individually speed tested before shipping.

The libraries retail for US$12,995 and are available on either HDX800-500GB or HDX800-750GB Avastor hard drives.

Sound Ideas is supplied by Premier Magnetics, Avastor’s major Canadian distributor.


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