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Escondido, CA (February 5, 2010)--Allen & Heath recently sold the 1,000th and 1,001st iLive mixing consoles to top SR provider Sound Image.
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At NAMM 2010, Lynn Martin (left), President, and
Michael Palmer (right), National Sales Manager,
of American Music & Sound, U.S. distributorfor
Allen & Heath, congratulate Dave Shadoan of
Sound Image on buying the 1000th
iLive digital mixing console.
Escondido, CA (February 5, 2010)--Allen & Heath recently sold the 1,000th and 1,001st iLive mixing consoles to top SR provider Sound Image.

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To mark the occasion, Allen & Heath presented a commemorative award to Sound Image (Escondido, CA) at the recent NAMM Show. American Music & Sound (AM&S), the U.S. distributor for the consoles, made the presentation during a press conference. Accepting, Sound Image president Dave Shadoan noted that his firm had actually purchased two of the consoles. “The products we purchase have to make good business sense--basically, to make our clients happy,” he notes, “To get this much flexibility and DSP capability in a console, at this price point, made purchasing these two iLives a no-brainer for Sound Image.”

The key to the sale was bringing the iLive-T112 in for a demonstration, according to Rick Stanley, director of Corporate & Regional Events for Sound Image. “Our goal was to check it out and see what it does,” he relates. “Dave Lewty from Allen & Heath did a one-hour presentation and left the demo unit with us. Literally by the next day, I had nine engineers who were ready to take it out. It’s a really intuitive layout that can be set up to accommodate monitors just as easily as front of house, or even both. Perfect for a sound company.”

Sound Image opted for the iLive-T112 with iDR-48 MixRack for a 48-in, 24-out configuration at the stage, with the control surface offering another 16 line inputs, eight stereo FX returns, and 12 additional line outs.

“It’s really a value issue. For a console at this price point and size, it meets all the technical requirements,” notes Stanley. “I love the Allen & Heath approach to DSP, with all that processing power available all the time. You don’t have to compromise, and you don’t need any outboard gear. That’s a killer combination in a lot of touring and festival situations, especially support acts who want their own desk but need to store it in the cargo bay of a bus.”

Rick Stanley sees a full season of both touring and local duty of the two new iLive-T consoles at Sound Image. “In addition to touring, we do a lot of local shows and festivals, and I expect these consoles to be employed constantly for both,” he says. “Hands down, the T112 gives us a lot more flexibility than any other console at this price point. Once I had seen the demo, I knew it would be really advantageous to have the iLive in our arsenal. That’s why we bought two of them.”

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