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Soundcraft Thinks Small with Vi1

Frankfurt (March 25, 2010)--Soundcraft has introduced its Vi1 console, the latest desk to feature its Vistonics user interface.

Frankfurt (March 25, 2010)–Soundcraft has introduced its Vi1 console, the latest desk to feature its Vistonics user interface.

The desk sports 32 channels of analog input, 27 analog outputs, plus six digital inputs, four Stereo FX Returns and six digital outputs in one chassis. As standard, Input to mix capacity is 46chs, but by adding a stagebox (compatible with the existing Vi racks), simultaneous channel count increases to 64. Channels are routable to 24 multifunction busses, plus LR and Mono Mix busses. Up to eight of the busses can be configured as Matrix mixes, each with up to 16 sources.

The surface is just over a meter wide, and includes 16 motorized channel faders with fixed and user-definable layers, eight output/VCA faders and two master faders.

The desk also has a new Widescreen Vistonics interface, which displays all parameters for 16 channels side by side, on a single 22” Vistonics touch screen. The upper half of the screen handles the Output section control as well as Cue List or Menu displays. Parameter control is via two rows of 16 rotary encoders. The desk has the same channel functionality as the Vi6 and Vi4, along with all the same core snapshot, talkback and monitoring facilities.

The Vi1 inherits various Vi series features, including Soundcraft FaderGlow, four stereo Lexicon effects engines, BSS Audio graphic EQs on all output busses, and integral dynamics on all channels. The desk is compatible with Vi4 and Vi6 show files through the Virtual Vi offline editor, which is available as a free download.