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Soundcraft Vi4 Goes on a Journey

Nashville, TN (July 28, 2009)--A Soundcraft Vi4 digital live sound mixing console is at the heart of Camp Digital's new Journey HD truck.

Nashville, TN (July 28, 2009)–A Soundcraft Vi4 digital live sound mixing console is at the heart of Camp Digital’s new Journey HD truck.

Audio is a high priority in the Nashville, Tennessee-based truck’s technology complement. “There was a niche we saw developing in the entertainment market: the need for HD video coupled with high-resolution, multichannel audio recording in a single package at a price that was affordable,” explains Tom Gregory, vice president of business development for Camp Digital. “A lot of companies are loading up their HD trucks so they can do any kind of work, and obviously you pay for that whether or not you use it–when you’re in one of those trucks you see a lot of equipment that’s not even turned on. The vast majority of the work we do is music and entertainment, so we wanted to build a truck that was more in the budget range of a flight pack and that would fill a gap in the marketplace between a $30,000-a-day 53-foot HD production truck and a flight pack.”

The 36-ft. Journey HD truck’s capabilities include the Soundcraft Vi4 digital audio console is coupled with a 64-track Pro Tools|HD system and a Harris Panacea 8×8 digital AV router. “The Soundcraft Vi4 is the keystone to the Journey HD’s audio design,” Gregory explains. “It has a small footprint, which lets us put a lot of power into a smaller space.” In just under 5 feet of length, the Vi4 includes access to 72 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 35 output busses, Vistonics II touch-screen user interface and the Soundcraft FaderGlow fader function display.

Gregory reports that the Vi4 performed flawlessly at all of the major events that the Journey HD truck has been used for, including the Dove Awards show and the Gospel Dream event, as well as the show at Fuel nightclub that kicked off the CMA Fan Fest featuring Kelly Pickler, Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley that will be broadcast on the ABC network on August 31.