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Spectrasonics Rolls Out Stylus RMX v17

Burbank, CA (March 5, 2009)--Spectrasonics has released Stylus RMX version, 1.7 featuring a new capability, Time Designer.

Burbank, CA (March 5, 2009)–Spectrasonics has released Stylus RMX version, 1.7 featuring a new capability, Time Designer.

The new feature transforms RMX audio loops into different time signatures and features the ability to “Groove Lock” the feel of any groove to another, all in real time.

Time Designer also lets the user create instant pattern variations with smart algorithms based on musical rules, and to “simplify” any RMX groove in a musical manner. Version 1.7 is also the first 64-bit native software release from Spectrasonics, and includes all the new effects from Omnisphere and workflow enhancements to RMX, such as Suite Editing and Host Transport Sync. The new version is a free download for all registered users of Stylus RMX and is available now from the Spectrasonics website.

Eric Persing, founder and Creative Director of Spectrasonics, notes, “We received amazing reactions to our demonstrations of Stylus RMX version 1.7 at the January NAMM show. People really loved how easy it is to harness the power of Time Designer; it’s a major creative boost for users with its ability to instantly Groove Lock to the feel of any groove across the entire RMX library. It’s like suddenly having 10 times the amount of grooves at your fingertips! Over the years, many composers and arrangers have requested the ability to have any groove in any time signature: now they can. With all of this and the ability to create pattern variations in a totally musical way, the new version of RMX is almost a rebirth of the plug-in and how it can be used. We are really looking forward to seeing how this inspires our users to take their groove production into brand new musical directions.”

All of the new effects from Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere have been added to RMX v1.7. Formant Filter adds characteristics of the human vocal tract by chaining a narrow set of bandpass filters, set at specific frequencies, which reflect the formants of the human voice. Smoke Amp is an amp/speaker simulator with a full set of amplifier controls, speaker combinations and modeled versions of several classic guitar amplifiers. Ultra Chorus is a custom chorus, with a dense, rich character. Retro-Phaser is a vintage Phaser, with more features than the EZ-Phaser and a dedicated page for tone shaping. Retro-Flanger is a vintage Flanger, with more features than the original Flanger and a dedicated page for tone shaping. Chorus Echo, inspired by the classic Roland Chorus-Echo units from the 1970s, combines both analog-style delay and chorusing, but includes new features, like stereo width control and a dedicated Dirt control.