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SSL And Waves Deliver Vintage SSL Sound To the DAW

Oxford, UK (February 13, 2006)--Waves' new SSL 4000 Collection includes software emulations of technology from SSL's G-Master Buss Compressor, E-Channel and G-Equalizer.

Oxford, UK (February 13, 2006)–Waves’ new SSL 4000 Collection includes software emulations of technology from SSL’s G-Master Buss Compressor, E-Channel and G-Equalizer.

To capture the SSL sound, Waves engineers worked closely with SSL’s engineering team, spending over a year analyzing and modeling the distinctive sonic characteristics of SL 4000 factory reference consoles and components provided by Solid State Logic.

Chris Jenkins, SSL’s director of commercial applications said: “I was one of those instrumental in establishing the E and G Series sound, assisting engineers and producers on countless recordings where these consoles gained their excellent reputation. There are numerous technical challenges in accurately emulating the subtle non-linearities of SSL analogue processor design that are an essential part of our characteristic sound and Waves has done a great job. For example, their emulation of the true r.m.s sidechain and ‘overeasy’ transfer function of the E-Series channel dynamics unit has faithfully captured the sound and performance of the original.”

The collaboration with Waves marks a milestone for SSL as the first time the company has partnered with another organization. “This is a very exciting time, we’re forging alliances to further a commitment to make our products work in a wide variety of creative environments,” said SSL’s managing director Antony David. “Just as there are those who will always prefer our analogue technology, we also want to support those who prefer to work in the box.

“To enable us to deal with the specific challenges posed by developing for TDM and Native systems, we chose to partner with Waves,” David continued. “Their reputation for quality speaks for itself and they’ve proven to be the perfect partners for this project.”

Following their debut appearance at this year’s Winter NAMM, SSL will also be exhibiting at the Frankfurt MusikMesse for the first time. “There’s much more to come,” added David. “I think it’s reasonable to say that this will be a very significant year in the history of SSL. See you at Frankfurt!”

The SSL 4000 Collection is distributed and supported exclusively by Waves.

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