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SSL Delivers Daryl Hall’s A-Pawling Sound

Pawling, NY (August 4, 2009)--Peter Moshay's A-Pawling Studio is using a newly installed SSL AWS 900+ SE console to deliver Daryl Hall's Live from Daryl's House monthly internet program.

Pawling, NY (August 4, 2009)–Peter Moshay’s A-Pawling Studio is using a newly installed SSL AWS 900+ SE console to deliver Daryl Hall’s Live from Daryl’s House monthly internet program.

“I have always craved the sound of an SSL console and the AWS 900+ SE brings that world-class sound to my control room in a footprint that fits my space confines,” says Moshay. “The AWS is a real tool for the real world as I am no longer deciding on sample rates for tracks or worrying about bus headroom running out. The AWS always works, even for complex mixes. The sound is great, the headroom is always available and the console truly opens up more creative possibilities with the Pro Tools system. I love this console.”

Heading into the 20th episode, Live From Daryl’s House involves capturing both audio and video performances of superstar Daryl Hall performing with guest artists in his living room. Artists like Parachute, KT Tunstall, Travis McCoy of The Gym Class Heroes, Matt Nathanson–and, of course, John Oates–plus many others have shared the spotlight on this internet-available program.

“This program was conceived by Daryl to get music out to a broader audience based on the premise of sitting down and making live music,” explains Moshay. “Every month we are essentially producing a new record where a wide variety of artists will perform a Hall & Oates or a Daryl song, and a few of the guest group’s songs or just a song everyone likes. The relaxed atmosphere of the production is completely capturing a new audience on the web. The AWS provides the high quality sonic foundation necessary to keep this wide-ranging variety of music together. With the AWS, my mixes have more dimension and depth. When I run audio through the console, I know everything will sound good.”

All Live From Daryl’s House shows are available free of charge at Negotiations are in place to bring the series to television.

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