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Kennesaw, GA (July 1, 2010)--Kennesaw State University recently installed an SSL AWS 900+ SE console for concert recording at its School of Music.

Kennesaw, GA (July 1, 2010)–Kennesaw State University recently installed an SSL AWS 900+ SE console for concert recording at its School of Music.

The classical, jazz and world music concert schedule at the 624-seat Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family Performance Center encompasses over 170 student, faculty and high-end professional concerts, some of which air on NPR.

“Every concert that we do in the Bailey Center is recorded at 192k/24-bit and we’re really getting the full resolution of that capability by using the AWS 900+ SE,” says Bobby Asher, managing and artistic director of the Bailey Performance Center at Kennesaw State University. “We chose the AWS because it offered us 24-channels of high-end mic pres and automation, along with 24 channels of analogue mix down capability and integrated DAW control. The recordings we’re able to produce from this console are just phenomenal. The SSL allows us to capture performances that sound like they were created in a high-end professional studio.”

Every year, Kennesaw produces concerts that are captured and appear on NPR. The set up for the Bailey Performance Center includes a traditional Decca Tree with B&K 4006 microphones over the downstage area along with a wide range of ribbon and condenser mics to accommodate concerts with multiple performers. Two recent concerts mixed through the AWS 900+ SE featured pianist Simone Dinnerstein and Cantus, a nine-member vocal group that performs everything from folk to classical.

“We essentially use our Pro Tools system in the role of a tape machine for capture and editing,” Asher explains. “The desire to have the AWS 900+ SE was for the capability to do an analog mix. With the AWS we get the pristine electronic circuitry and the E and G series EQs to really tweak our sound. For us in the classical realm, I think we get a much better sound using traditional analogue EQs over the sound that you get using a regular plug-in. The EQs really help to bring the recordings to life.”

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