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SSL Putts in Second C100

Orlando, FL (October 1, 2009)--Golf Channel's Control Room Two was recently upgraded with a 32-fader Solid State Logic C100 HD-S broadcast console.

Orlando, FL (October 1, 2009)–Golf Channel’s Control Room Two was recently upgraded with a 32-fader Solid State Logic C100 HD-S broadcast console.

The new console joins the existing C100 HD in Control Room One and presents session engineers with consistent console topology and functionality between the two rooms. “When we took a look at replacing an aging digital console in Control Room Two, our very positive experience with the SSL C100 HD in Control Room One made the choice easy,” says Ken Botelho, senior director of engineering for Golf Channel. “By having the newer C100 HD-S console in place, we can greatly streamline our production throughput because the engineering staff will always be working with the same console surface interface. We have a rigorous production schedule and every way we can save time on task is welcome. The SSL C100 HD-S combined with the MORSE Router and Stagebox elegantly completes our audio strategy for this expansion.”

The SSL MORSE Router system was purchased with the new console to enhance the C100 HD-S’s compatibility with the studio design and to further integrate the existing MORSE Stagebox. The MORSE Stagebox is fitted with 14 HD-SDI input-output cards that can be configured for use as embedders, de-embedders, or various combinations of embedding and de-embedding. Audio is carried by MADI to the Router.

Golf Channel produces an extremely complex roster of premiere golfing shows that include coverage of the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour events. Program production also features the nightly golf news program Golf Central, a reality series “The Big Break” and early round coverage of the entire FedEx Cup season. With audio feeds coming in from around the world in different formats and the production of pre/post event and regular programming, the C100 HD-S gives Golf Channel the ability to handle both analogue and digital audio from multiple sources, process embedded audio and share resources with Control One.

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