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Stagetec Goes to the Opera

Basel, Switzerland (October 6, 2010)--Swiss TV recently employed networked Stagetec consoles to produce the opera Aida am Rhein live on air.

Basel, Switzerland (October 6, 2010)–Swiss TV recently employed networked Stagetec consoles to produce the opera Aida am Rhein live on air.

A large digital audio network comprising numerous Stagetec components and integrating three digital mixing consoles was used for for Verdi’s opera.

The numerous scenes in Basel–including various suites, terraces and rooms at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, the banks of the Rhine around the Mittlere Brucke (Middle Bridge) and even on ships decks and pontoons on the Rhine–made this staging a logistic and technical feat.

According to Rolf Allenbach, project manager and representative of TPC, who acted as executive technical service provider, the project made the highest demands on the audio systems. While the orchestra performed in a fixed location (a hotel ballroom), the other participants–soloists, the main choir, and the additional choir–were spread sometimes several hundred meters apart.

TV production service provider TPC owns a large pool of Stagetec consoles and audio routers. The Aida production required a big OB truck featuring an Aurus console and an extensive Nexus audio network to integrate all the sites in a star topology. The final mix for the live broadcast was created in the vehicle.

For the soloists’ premix, Stagetec provided another Aurus together with operator Christian Fuchs, who was in charge of creating the premix in a makeshift studio at the Grand Hotel. TPC also relied on external equipment for the orchestra premix, and for this purpose, they rented the ‹1 radio truck from Hessischer Rundfunk, a German state-owned broadcaster. The truck’s 10-year-old Cantus mixing console was integrated into the audio network for the production.

Another Mediagroup product, a new Delec commentary system, was used for translating the presentation.

While the live transmission was in stereo, Swiss TV will produce a DVD featuring a 5.1 soundtrack, available through Swiss TV.

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