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Stephen Arnold Music Goes Golfing

Dallas, TX (July 28, 2010)--Stephen Arnold Music recently completed a new package of theme songs for the Golf Channel's marquee news program, Golf Central.

Dallas, TX (July 28, 2010)–Stephen Arnold Music recently completed a new package of theme songs for the Golf Channel’s marquee news program, Golf Central.

The assignment to refresh Golf Central was the latest in a string of recent collaborations between Stephen Arnold Music and the Golf Channel, including the shows Golf In America and Grey Goose 19th Hole. For Golf Central, the directive was to create an emphatic opening theme for a show providing elite analysis of one of America’s most popular sports.

“This theme was a unique chance to evolve the music that’s associated with a particular sport,” says Stephen Arnold, president of Stephen Arnold Music. “The Golf Channel wanted a bigger sound with lots of energy to appeal to a young audience. In addition, they wanted a sonic logo–or mnemonic–with the potential to become a classic signature that people can immediately recognize and remember.”

Stephen Arnold Music composed a package of four highly motivational themes. Guitar, bass, real drums and subtle electronic elements provide the pulse, while live brass and strings lend larger-than-life feel to the action that’s about to unfold.

“This wasn’t your standard twinkling-acoustic-piano approach to scoring for golf,” Arnold notes. “The Golf Channel is attracting an increasingly youthful demographic. As a result, this theme package presented Stephen Arnold Music with an opportunity to do the sonic branding that we excel at. Our experience at ‘branding the brands’ tells us what questions to ask before we get started, then allows us to interpret what the client tells us and finally assemble the perfect talent to execute the music.”

“Central is a program that a lot of people watch,” Arnold concludes. “Being invited to compose the theme for their marquee show was a very special assignment.”

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