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Studer Passes Milestone

Potters Bar, UK (August 12, 2010)--Studer recently surpassed the 1,000 mark of sold OnAir 3000 digital consoles.

Potters Bar, UK (August 12, 2010)–Studer recently surpassed the 1,000 mark of sold OnAir 3000 digital consoles.

“Today we celebrate a milestone, as we have now sold more than 1,000 OnAir 3000 consoles,” said Keith Watson, marketing director – mixing. “We designed the OnAir 3000 for the medium to upper segment of the broadcast market and we have enjoyed tremendous success, thanks to the product’s tremendous ease of use and versatility. To that end, it’s only fitting that we surpass the 1,000 mark with sales to three of the most successful broadcasters in the world.”

Recent purchases of OnAir 3000 consoles include: the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the largest broadcasting organization in the world; Rede Globo of Brazil, the largest television network in Latin America and the third largest network in the world; the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster for Denmark; TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation), the national public broadcaster for Turkey; ERTU (Egyptian Radio and Television Union), which runs the internationally-recognized television station Nile TV.

The Studer OnAir 3000 features a range of surface modules and incorporates Studer’s patented “Touch-n-Action” philosophy, using color GUI screens. The OnAir 3000 design is based on a completely modular desk and a new DSP engine.