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Studio Technologies Intros Bcast Gear at AES

New York (October 2, 2007)--Studio Technologies will introduce a trio of new broadcast products at AES in New York City later this week.

New York (October 2, 2007)–Studio Technologies will introduce a trio of new broadcast products at AES in New York City later this week. Here’s a sneak peak at what to expect:

Model 46 Interface: The Model 46 is designed to interface 2-wire full-duplex party-line intercom circuits with 4-wire audio circuits associated with matrix intercom systems. The unit provides two independent full-featured 2-channel interfaces. Each interface contains two hybrid circuits which include automatic nulling capability. Multiple LED level meters allow continuous monitoring of the input and output signals. DC power sources eliminate the need for external intercom power supplies. The Model 46 is already being used for television sports and special event broadcasting. Other applications include theme park and theater installations, corporate events, and industrial testing environments.

StudioComm for Surround Models 76 and 77: Based on the StudioComm for Surround Models 68A/69A, the Models 76 and 77 offer a number of upgrades and advancements. The inputs are AES3id (unbalanced) digital audio, while the outputs remain analog. Multiple Model 77 user control surfaces can be connected. The core audio quality is set to meet the requirements of all contemporary applications.

At AES, Studio Technologies will show the Models 761 and 771, a monitor system developed for Fox Broadcast’s new facility in Houston. This combo is a broadcast-specific version of the general purpose StudioComm for Surround Models 76/77. A unique feature of this system is its ability to read, display, and respond to dialnorm data associated with an AC3 metadata signal.

Model 233 Announcer’s Console: The Model 233 is the sixth and newest addition to Studio Technologies Model 200-series of announcer’s consoles. This unit, incorporating several user-requested features, supports specialized applications including stadium announcement and live-event production. Features include an integrated side tone section, two line-level audio talkback outputs, two line-level audio inputs, sophisticated dual-channel intercom interface, and a tally output.

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