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SurgeX SX1200 Power Products

Four ranges offer region-specific connectivity and load-capable circuitry

Fast Facts


SurgeX International |
In a recent partnership with International Audio Group (IAG), SurgeX International has launched its SX1200 product range designed with power ratings and connectivity compatible with the rest of the world. The SX1200 line provides Advanced Series Mode surge protection and power conditioning for all types of audio equipment.

Four ranges offer region-specific connectivity and load-capable circuitry, with three models available in each range (RTi, RLi, and i). This gives consultants, contractors, and end-users a choice of surge suppressors with application- specific features, such as remote turn-on or front-panel lighting. All models have 10 grounded IEC receptacles on the rear panel, with eight switchable and two permanently on. Both RTi and i models also provide a front-panel courtesy outlet. The SX1200-RLi has two Neutrik XLR connectors for Littlite gooseneck lamps to provide dimmable illumination of equipment racks.