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Swedien Masters Greene at Bernies

Hollywood, CA, (April 6, 2009)--Engineer/producer Bruce Swedien has mixed the new album from UK artist Lisa Greene and mastered the project with mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

At Bernie Grundman Mastering in
Hollywood are (l-r) mastering
engineer Bernie Grundman, Lisa
Greene, and engineer/mixer Bruce
Swedien. Photo by David Goggin.
Hollywood, CA, (April 6, 2009)–Engineer/producer Bruce Swedien has mixed the new album from UK artist Lisa Greene and mastered the project with mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

Swedien mixed the new material at his West Viking Studio in Ocala, Florida, from tracks that were recorded at Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

“Lisa is an incredible new artist,” remarked Swedien. “After I received some demos of her work, I immediately felt that I should be a part of her career. I would describe her work as rooted in jazz, combining some retro elements with a very fresh, modern approach. She’s a very talented songwriter and boy, can she sing!”

Greene was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, to a single mother and raised there until the age of 15, when she moved to London and attended university, studying law. While working part-time at a recording studio, she studied songwriting and landed a position with a prominent music publishing firm. After a number of her songs were recorded by major artists such as Tom Jones, Greene began performing and recording her own material.

Greene recalls her meeting with Swedien: “I have always loved his music, and I’m especially a big fan of his work with Quincy Jones, and his recent work with Jennifer Lopez. I got in touch and asked him about mixing my new record, and luckily, he did. The depth of emotion that he brought to my music is astounding. The scope of the stereo image, and other indescribable aspects of the sound, are more than I could have imagined.”

Swedien and Grundman have worked together since the 1970s on such successful albums as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and numerous others.

Grundman added, “Lisa’s voice has a very romantic, intimate sound and the arrangements are big, with strings and excellent orchestration. Bruce Swedien is the perfect engineer for this kind of music, actually for any kind of music, but for this style, he is the master. He gives you the sense of great space, and depth, but she sings softly in a very intimate way, and he is able to capture that as well. It really moves you. You can walk right inside those mixes.”

When the Night Calls is slated for summer release via a number of digital distributors, soon to be announced.

Bernie Grundman Mastering