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Sweetwater Hires 26 New Employees

Fort Wayne, IN (July 15, 2008)--Sweetwater has hired 19 new full-time employees, plus seven part-time employees. The new hires bring total employment at Sweetwater to 345, up from 317 since the beginning of the year.

Fort Wayne, IN (July 15, 2008)–Sweetwater has hired 19 new full-time employees, plus seven part-time employees. The new hires bring total employment at Sweetwater to 345, up from 317 since the beginning of the year.

Sales Engineer Maynard Madsen is from Cambridge, MN, and a recent graduate of the Institute for Production and Recording in Minneapolis, where he received an AAS in Recording Arts.

Sales Engineer Charlie Murphey is from Starkville, MS, where he was a Minister of Music at the Faith Baptist Church. He is also a studio owner and producer of Christian music.

Sales Engineer Brock Glidwell of Bolivar, MO, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology from the University of Central Missouri.

Sales Engineer Michael Goodrich is from North Webster, IN, and a graduate of Taylor University, as well as a graduate of The Contemporary Music Center at Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

Sales Engineer Chris Brown is from Indianapolis, IN where he has worked for the last seven years as a professional musician in several of the city’s top bands.

Sales Engineer Nick Church was born and raised in the United Kingdom where he worked with the BBC, Dolby Labs, and then in post production on a number of films. He moved to New York City in 1999 where he worked as a technical services engineer for several different post-production companies before relocating two years ago to Detroit, MI.

Sales Engineer Joel Hart comes from Seattle, WA and has a Masters Certificate in Pro Tools from Berklee College of Music.

Sales Engineer Monty Montgomery is from Roswell, NM, and has eight years experience in music retail.

Sales Engineer Nick Votto is from Milwaukee, WI and is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ. He recently spent two years managing a large studio in Chicago.

Sales Engineer Steven Walker is from Champaign, IL and is a recent graduate of Southern Illinois University in engineering.

Sales Engineer Phil Basile is from Fern Park, FL where he was the pro audio department manager at the Winter Park Guitar Center. He is a graduate of Full Sail’s Recording Arts program in Orlando.

Sales Engineer Kel Van Buskirk is a professional musician, originally from Houston, TX, moving to Fort Wayne from British Columbia. He attended Berklee College of Music and graduated from the University of Texas with a business major.

Sales Engineer Bill Certain is from LaGrange, IN and has become a well-known talent within the local Fort Wayne music scene. When not writing or performing music, he has worked as a salesperson for industrial and building supplies.

Sales Engineer Nick Raffaele is from Traverse City, MI where he ran his own guitar lessons program. He is an honors graduate of Musician’s Institute and has a Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University.

Sales Engineer T.J. Walstrom is a musician and recording engineer from Staten Island, NY. He is a graduate of the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan and worked for two years for Sam Ash in New Jersey.

Assistant Editor Casey Neal joins Sweetwater’s Marketing Department, filling a newly created position. He has a Masters Degree in Education from Wilmington College in Delaware.

In addition, a bench repair technician and repair coordinator have joined the Sweetwater Service Department, one full-time and five part-time shipping specialists have joined the Distribution Center, and a part-time receptionist and part-time security team member have joined the company.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack remarked, “Sweetwater’s plan for 2008 was to hire a total of 40 new Sales Engineers, and we’re well ahead of schedule. We’re just beginning to discover the many ways in which our new facility is helping us with recruitment on a national basis.”

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