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Greenville, IN (May 5, 2011)--SynAudCon has added “Level 50: How Sound Systems Work” to its web-based audio training offerings. 

Greenville, IN (May 5, 2011)–SynAudCon has added “Level 50: How Sound Systems Work” to its web-based audio training offerings.

Level 50 provides eight training lessons that cover everything from the signal chain and audio/acoustic signals to hooking up a sound system and common sound system problems.

“We have designed Level 50 to deliver sound system essentials without bogging down students with theory,” explains Pat Brown, SynAudCon president. “It is designed to teach the important stuff about sound systems in the shortest possible time. It will immediately affect the way you “do” sound.”

The eight lessons are said to be equal to 12 hours of classroom time. Short quizzes at the end of each lesson help users to determine if the materials have been learned before continuing to the next lesson. The lessons can be revisited at any time during the 45 day program window. At the end of the course, there is a final exam. Those who pass will receive a certificate of completion from SynAudCon. This course is approved for 12 Renewal Units.

For those looking to learn more advanced concepts, SynAudCon also offers “Level 100: Principles Of Audio” for audio professionals and serious amateurs who need to know more about what is going on “under the hood” and “Level 200: Audio Applications I” which uses the building blocks provided in Level 100 to provide in-depth coverage of specialty audio topics.

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