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TC Electronics has introduced its LM2 loudness and true peak level meter.

Already “at the forefront of loudness metering for the broadcast industry,” boasts TC Electronic, the innovative company has introduced its LM2 loudness and true peak level meter. The LM2 displays EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 compliant loudness numbers as well as true-peak level connections to Mac or PC computers to achieve full real-time radar picture. LM2 is a full-featured stereo loudness and true-peak level meter for use in post and live production, broadcast ingest, linking and transmission. LM2’s front panel displays the all-important numbers that reveal whether or not a certain broadcast standard is being met. It is also possible to bring up the stats display for even more details, or LM2 can be connected to a PC or Mac via USB to get full, real-time radar screen picture via the included Icon application.

LM2 offers a wide variety of 24-bit resolution audio inputs and outputs: AES/EBU, TOS, SPDIF/AES3 id, ADAT and Analog. Digital I/Os are fully synchronous while analog I/Os are scaled in the analog domain for max utilization of converter dynamic range. Analog inputs can even be trimmed at 0.01dB precision. LM2 may connect via USB to a PC or Mac for access to the radar display, logging, remote control, preset management, etc.

As a standard feature, LM2 comes with hindsight: the radar can show the past 24 hours, but LM2 actually includes so much memory of its own that it provides detailed information one week back in time, even if it has had no connection to a computer. By dumping log files routinely to a PC or Mac, it is possible to import files into included graphing templates, or user’s can simply design their own versions in Excel, Numbers, etc.

The primary application for LM2 is loudness metering, but it does one more thing very well: automatic level offset of programs at a no-compromise resolution (synchronous, 48-bit, fixed point engine). LM2 therefore includes a precision true-peak limiter to avoid output overload when positive gain normalization is required. For fans of speech normalization, LM2 allows for users to measure a bit of regular dialog and normalize to that. Otherwise, LM2’s relative gate function automatically takes care of all sources. Presets are included, so the choice is entirely in the hands of the user.

Price: $1,795

Contact: TC Electronic |