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TC-Helicon Introduces Harmony 4 Update

Westlake Village, CA (July 31, 2008)--TC-Helicon has released a new version of its Harmony4 plug-in for Pro Tools|HD and TC's PowerCore platform.

TC-Helicon’s Harmony 4 Update.Westlake Village, CA (July 31, 2008)–TC-Helicon has released a new version of its Harmony4 plug-in for Pro Tools|HD and TC’s PowerCore platform.

This new updated version is now Universal Binary-compatible and adds an array of doubling presets, including doubling presets that emulate overdub sounds as well as octave doubling.

With TC-Helicon’s Harmony4 plug-in, producers, engineers and songwriters reportedly can fatten existing harmony tracks and add new one- to four-part harmonies after the singer has left the studio. The update to Harmony4 is available as a free upgrade for existing users and can be downloaded from TC’s website.

TC-Helicon’s harmony algorithms will already be familiar to users of VoicePro, VoiceLive and VoiceWorks. Up to four virtual singers with individual gender, vibrato, levels and various humanization controls are created from a single vocal track. Harmony4 also features harmony technology with pitch detection and Hybrid Shifting algorithms. The user interface of the Harmony4 plug-in was designed with user-friendliness in mind, and several schemes are offered that simplify the choice of harmony, from automatic scale-based harmony that follows melismatic singing, to MIDI note control.

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