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Tedder Antes Up With Telefunken

Cleveland, OH (May 12, 2009)--One Republic singer Ryan Tedder booked sessions at Cleveland's Ante Up Audio and recorded with the new Telefunken|USA Ela M251 tube condenser microphone.

Ryan Tedder is pictured at
Ante Up Audio with the new
Telefunken|USA Ela M 251
tube condenser microphone.
Cleveland, OH (May 12, 2009)–One Republic singer Ryan Tedder booked sessions at Cleveland’s Ante Up Audio and recorded with the new Telefunken|USA Ela M251 tube condenser microphone.

Ante Up Audio has a collection of microphones including two of the new Ela M251s, plus two M16s, two AK47s, an M80 and an RM-5C ribbon mic, all new models from Connecticut-based Telefunken|USA.

“We love these new microphones,” says Michael Seifert, owner and chief engineer of Ante Up Audio. “If you go with the originals, they’re extremely expensive and they’re hit or miss; they are either incredible or they suck. These new mics are built with the spirit of the past, but with the reliability of new materials. With Telefunken USA, you get the best of both worlds.”

Tedder debuted the band One Republic in 2007. The first single, “Dreaming Out Loud,” set a North American record for the most radio airplay in one week. In addition to worldwide success with his band, he has penned popular songs for Natasha Bedingfield, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff and Leona Lewis, among others. While at Ante Up Audio, Tedder worked on new material for One Republic, as well as tracks for Kelly Clarkson’s new album.

“Ryan is very knowledgeable when it comes to microphones and has worked a lot with vintage Neumanns,” explained Michael Seifert. “He knows what he likes and he pulled me aside to tell me how much he liked the new 251 from Telefunken. He found it very easy to get some good takes done and also complimented us on our studio, after working in over 40 studios around the world last year.”

Seifert is a multi-platinum award winning producer, engineer, and composer. The Ante Up Audio recording and production complex houses two studios, one equipped with a vintage 56-channel Neve console and one with a fully-restored SSL 4000 with Total Recall automation. A long and growing list of clients includes Tori Amos, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Francis Ford Coppola, Fountains of Wayne, Chimaira, This Is A Shakedown, Gerald Levert, J. Mascis, Al Fatz, Robert Lockwood Jr., Chuck Mosley (Faith No More), American Greetings, MTV, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Sony and Interscope.

“I couldn’t be happier with our new mics,” says Seifert. “They meet and even exceed the sonic quality and vibe of any vintage tube mic I’ve ever owned or used, and I don’t have to sift through a dozen or more vintage mics to find one that actually sounds like its supposed to.”