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Telos Moves Expands

Cleveland, OH (March 19, 2010)--Telos Systems, Omnia Audio and Axia Audio have moved into a new and greatly expanded headquarters.

Cleveland, OH (March 19, 2010)–Telos Systems, Omnia Audio and Axia Audio have moved into a new and greatly expanded headquarters.

The new headquarters–a three-floor, 55,000-square-foot building located at 1241 Superior Avenue East in Cleveland, OH–provides additional individual work areas for staff as well as a more streamlined layout for the different departments within the company.

“A great customer experience is paramount,” says company president Frank Foti. “A few years ago, we made a conscious effort to raise the bar to support our customers. In the process, we found out something interesting: The operation and infrastructure of our company had grown to a point where we were falling short of our own needs and expectations. Couple that with a lease that was going to expire in a few years, and we had ample reason to re-evaluate our facilities.”

“Telos, Omnia and Axia products are used every day by broadcasters in over 175 countries,” says managing director Denny Sanders. “We needed a larger space to not only better manage our current business, but to be able to accommodate our future growth. Our new space provides vastly improved work areas for all of our divisions. Our support engineering team now has better access to our 24/7/365 support crew. In our operations department, we have improved workplace tools to assist our dealers with their interactivity with the company. We were even able to offer SBE Chapter #70 the use of our new demonstration space for their monthly meetings.”

“Improving how we communicate and work as a company directly impacts our customers due to our growth in workplace ability,” continues Foti. “It’s an intangible, but key, aspect of a successful operation.”

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