There's More - Pro Sound News, December 2011

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Page 18 – Sound Business


Go-To Guitar Mics: It’s Not What You Think

Online Brief

Remastering Live Grateful Dead


A Quick Conversation with Joe Tarsia

Top Ten Things I Gave Thanks For This Thanksgiving


Just in from our 'You Gotta Be Kidding Me' Dept: An iPhone app for making Auto-Tuned calls (i.e. annoying your friends)

Berlin artists combine street poster art, music and QR Codes to broaden their audiences

Selling a couple million albums and get dropped. "When Bands Fall Off Cliffs"

Abbey Road Studios celebrates 80 years of recording

Page 23 – Studio Showcase

Thompson Studios Virtual Tour

Page 26 – Sound Recording

UAD Updates Pro Tools Interface

Page 42 – Sound Products

Waves Bass Rider Plug-In

MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid Audio Interface

Cakewalk SoundCloud Integration

RTW LRA Combo Instrument

Celemony ARA Extension for Plug-Ins

Novation Automap v4.1 Control Software

Sound Devices 788T DAR Mix Assist

AEA RPQ500 Preamp for API 500 Series

Page 43 – Sound Products

Gepco RunONE Powered Speaker Cables

Clair CF1090 Wireless Antenna

Community Distributed Design Series Expansion

DiGiCo SD10-24 Console

HK Audio SoundCaddy One PA System

Earthworks SR20 Microphone Update

Dan Dugan Model E-3 Mixing Controller

Bag End TA Series Loudspeakers Update

Page 48 – Live Sound Showcase

Duran Duran Tours Planet Earth

Page 64 – Sound Business

Roadie Gift Guide

Page 66 - Music Etc.