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There’s More – Pro Sound News, December 2011

Welcome toThere’s More, the online “Virtual Sidebar” that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 18 – Sound Business


Go-To Guitar Mics: It’s Not What You Think

Online Brief

Remastering Live Grateful Dead


A Quick Conversation with Joe Tarsia

Top Ten Things I Gave Thanks For This Thanksgiving


Just in from our ‘You Gotta Be Kidding Me’ Dept: An iPhone app for making Auto-Tuned calls (i.e. annoying your friends)

Berlin artists combine street poster art, music and QR Codes to broaden their audiences

Selling a couple million albums and get dropped. “When Bands Fall Off Cliffs”

Abbey Road Studios celebrates 80 years of recording

Page 23 – Studio Showcase

Thompson Studios Virtual Tour

Page 26 – Sound Recording

UAD Updates Pro Tools Interface

Page 42 – Sound Products

Waves Bass Rider Plug-In

MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid Audio Interface

Cakewalk SoundCloud Integration

RTW LRA Combo Instrument

Celemony ARA Extension for Plug-Ins

Novation Automap v4.1 Control Software

Sound Devices 788T DAR Mix Assist

AEA RPQ500 Preamp for API 500 Series

Page 43 – Sound Products

Gepco RunONE Powered Speaker Cables

Clair CF1090 Wireless Antenna

Community Distributed Design Series Expansion

DiGiCo SD10-24 Console

HK Audio SoundCaddy One PA System

Earthworks SR20 Microphone Update

Dan Dugan Model E-3 Mixing Controller

Bag End TA Series Loudspeakers Update

Page 48 – Live Sound Showcase

Duran Duran Tours Planet Earth

Page 64 – Sound Business

Roadie Gift Guide

Page 66 – Music Etc.