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There’s More – Pro Sound News, February, 2012

Page 16 – Sound Business

Content Comments

A Lost Beatles Solo and the Art of Omission

Sweet Tweets
Prototype device powers medical implants with acoustic energy from hip-hop/low bass music

Video: Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell complains about Kanye West’s live sound engineers

From The Onion: Nation’s Sound Engineers Gather To Talk About Their Ponytails

Abbey Road opens doors to studio used by Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc.


Book Review: Drinking With Strangers
The 4 Ups of Recording Studio Customer Service

Video Vault
Back in the Day at Stax and FAME

Page 24 – Studio Showcase

Page 26 – Sound Recording

Rich Tozzoli: Reason For Upgrade

Upgrade paths for Reason 6

Page 30 – Sound Recording

Chico y Rita

Page 32 – Sound Recording

Learning To Drive

Page 33 – Special Report

De-Integrating Integrated Circuit Preamps

PDF – by THAT Corp. president Les Tyler

Page 36 – Sound Products

Universal Audio
Mark of the Unicorn
Mojave Audio

Page 37 – Sound Products

QSC Audio
Shure Incorporated
JBL Professional

Line 6

Page 48 – Live Sound Showcase

Having A Ball With Phish

Page 60 – Craig Anderton

More info on WaveMachine Labs’ Auria app

Page 64 – View From The Top

Antelope Audio on the Power of Clocking

Page 66 – Music Etc.

Behind The Scenes with The Bo-Keys