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There’s More – Pro Sound News, February, 2013

Welcome to There’s More, the online “Virtual Sidebar” that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 5 – Sound Business

Quincy Jones, Al Schmitt Honored By Peers

Three Event Videos Here

Page 12 – Sound Business

Yamaha Establishes New Music Label

Leogun – “Let’s Be Friends”

Page 14 – Sound Business

THAT’s Business Today

Full Interview Text Here

Page 16 – Sound Business – Web Community

Producing After Anthrax

Eyebeam Bounces Back

Sweet Tweet Links

Great NYT story about how Hurricane Sandy enabled lost Roy Eldridge recordings to be saved for posterity

Explore Cornell’s amazing library of 150,000 animal sounds, some dating back to 1929
NY Post explores what prison life is like now for legendary producer Phil Spector
The woman suing Justin Bieber for hearing damage due to fans screaming at a concert has dropped her case.
Troggs’ frontman Reg Presley has passed. Recorded Wild Thing, Love Is All Around and the in-studio quarrel that inspired Spinal Tap

Video Vault
Young Guru Explores AES Video Here

Page 23 – Sound Recording

Tracking In The Ozarks

More On Winterwood Studios Here

Page 30 – Sound Recording


Ocean Way Nashville orchestral sessions

Page 30 – Sound Recording

TEC Award Winners

Complete List Here

Page 32 – Sound Post/Broadcast


Watch Full Episodes and Video Features Here

Page 40 – Sound Reinforcement

A Night of Hope & Healing for Newtown

Chris Tomlin at A Night of Hope & Healing – “God of This City” (fan-shot video)

Page 42 – Live Sound Showcase

One Direction Moves Ahead

One Direction at Madison Square Garden – “What Makes You Beautiful” (fan-shot video)

Page 58 – Music, Etc.

A Good Song Shines Through

Sugar Hill Recording

More Information Here

Walker Lukens – “Dear Someone”