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Welcome to There's More, the online "Virtual Sidebar" that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 12 - Sound Business

Remebering Ramone (Full Extended Coverage)

Page 18 - Sound Business - Web Community

Remembering Ray

Gobbler's Growing

Good Vibes Return

Sweet Tweet Links

Police in Birmingham, AL busted an illegal casino operating in a recording studio.
Kendrick Lamar engineer opens recording studio in Iowa City.
Lee Russell, FOH engineer at Trees in Dallas, TX, got an amazing 32-channel birthday cake.
Think you have golden ears? You've got nothin' on this moth.

Video Vault
B/A Conversion: Bonzai Meets Al

Page 24 - Studio Showcase

Vintage 1961 Ray Charles performance remastered by The Place...For Mastering

Page 32 - Sound Recording

Beat Making Lab YouTube Channel

Page 35 - Sound Post/Broadcast

M83, Trapanese Head Into Oblivion

Page 48 - Live Sound Showcase

A Vine clip of Kanye West's "I Am A God," performed at the Met Gala.

Page 50 - Sound Reinforcement

New York Stick Demo

Page 52 - Sound Reinforcement

Yorkville Celebrates 50 Years of Sound

Page 64 - View From The Top

DPA Microphones d:fine tips and tricks

Page 66 - Music, Etc.

Houndmouth - "On The Road" (first single from From The Hills Below The City)