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There’s More – Pro Sound News, June, 2013

Welcome to There’s More, the online “Virtual Sidebar” that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 12 – Sound Business

Remebering Ramone (Full Extended Coverage)

Page 18 – Sound Business – Web Community

Remembering Ray

Gobbler’s Growing

Good Vibes Return

Sweet Tweet Links

Police in Birmingham, AL busted an illegal casino operating in a recording studio.
Kendrick Lamar engineer opens recording studio in Iowa City.
Lee Russell, FOH engineer at Trees in Dallas, TX, got an amazing 32-channel birthday cake.
Think you have golden ears? You’ve got nothin’ on this moth.

Video Vault
B/A Conversion: Bonzai Meets Al

Page 24 – Studio Showcase

Vintage 1961 Ray Charles performance remastered by The Place…For Mastering

Page 32 – Sound Recording

Beat Making Lab YouTube Channel

Page 35 – Sound Post/Broadcast

M83, Trapanese Head Into Oblivion

Page 48 – Live Sound Showcase

A Vine clip of Kanye West’s “I Am A God,” performed at the Met Gala.

Page 50 – Sound Reinforcement

New York Stick Demo

Page 52 – Sound Reinforcement

Yorkville Celebrates 50 Years of Sound

Page 64 – View From The Top

DPA Microphones d:fine tips and tricks

Page 66 – Music, Etc.

Houndmouth – “On The Road” (first single from From The Hills Below The City)