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Welcome to There's More, the online "Virtual Sidebar" that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 18 - Sound Business


Ken Jacob and 'Invisible' FOH Engineers

Tracking down 'lost' Johnny Cash recordings...nice work if you can get it!
Zimbabwe: State-of-the-Art Equipment At Uhuru Concert
The world's quietest place — The ultimate anechoic chamber?
Oakland mainstay Leo's Pro Audio announces it will close
Eighth Day Sound tech-turned-Walk The Moon bassist Kevin Ray profiled

Inside Zambri's House of Baasa

Final Master Delivery for Our Post-Physical Media World


Get Your Own Mic

Page 24 - Studio Showcase

ex'treme Institute by Nelly

Page 28 - Software Tech by Craig Anderton

Wndows 8 Info

Page 34 - Sound Post/Broadcast

Kick Start For Kickstand — OK Go's "Needing/Getting"

Page 42 - Sound Products [Studio]

UA 1176 Limiter Collection for UAD-2 Platform

Adobe Audition Avid EUCON Support

Camel Audio Plug-Ins Updates

iZotope Iris ‘Visual Instrument’

Propellerhead Rack Extension for Reason

Sound Devices Pix 260 Audio/Video Recorder

Page 43 - Sound Products [Sound Reinforcement]

JoeCo BlackBox App

Behringer iNUKE NU4-6000 Power Amplifier

Furman CN-1800S, CN-2400S Contractor Series

Aviom SK6 Stage Kit

American Audio DLT15A Active Speaker System

Heil PR 35 Microphone Upgrade

Page 48 - Live Sound Showcase

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band perform "Bishop Danced" for the first time.

Page 64 - Live Sound Showcase

Lowell Manufacturing's YouTube Channel

Page 66 - Music, Etc.

Chip Taylor's "Screw All The Perfect People"