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There’s More – Pro Sound News, October 2012

Welcome to There’s More, the online “Virtual Sidebar” that serves up additional information, links, video and more to supplement your Pro Sound News reading experience.

Page 10 – Sound Business

TEC Awards Names Technical Nominees

Page 12 – Sound Business

Emmy Sound Award Winners Announced(complete list)

Page 16 – Sound Business

Content Comments
The 78 Project: Recording in a Forgotten Format

Krall’s Doll Rocks The Box
Samson, Vinyl Aid Record Store’s Resurgence

Sweet Tweet Links
BBC asks “Why are female record producers so rare?”
A fascinating look at early music piracy in Russia—like etching LPs on to discarded X-Ray sheets!
Tom Robinson and Mark Sten of Concert Sound to be inducted into Oregon Music Hall of Fame
Using the notes of Aldo Leopold, an early Acoustic Ecologist, to recreate the sound of a 1940s Wisconsin morning
Profile of US soundman turned UK student Adam Hill, whose work at Gand in Chicago informs his studies

Video Vault
Keith Richards on being part of Thank You Les.

Page 20 – Sound Recording

Barbara Streisand discusses “Being Good” from Release Me

Page 31 – Sound Post / Broadcast

Pitch Perfect Trailer

Page 33 – 133rd AES Convention Products

PMC twotwo Active Monitor Loudspeakers

Radial Engineering Q4 Class-A Parametric EQ

Simaudio Moon 3500MP Mic Preamplifier

Genelec Smart Active Monitor (SAM) Concept

Prism Sound Lyra Audio Interfaces

Lawo mc256 Production Console

Page 34 – 133rd AES Convention Products

JDK Bows 500 Series Preamp

Aurora Audio Aurora Sidecar Class A Discrete Console

Solid State Logic E-Series Modules

Dangerous Music Dangerous Source Monitor Controller

Lewitt DTP Mic Upgrades

Page 36 – 133rd AES Convention Products

ADAM Audio F5 Nearfield Monitor

TC Electronic Live Aid License for System 6000 MKII

Sonic Studio SoundBlade 2.0.2 Mastering System Update

Lynx Aurora Converter Software Update

Schurter 5x20mm Fuse / OGN Series Fuse Block

Page 38 – 133rd AES Convention Products

Audio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless System

Gefen HD Processor w/Audio Amplifier

Community ENTASYS 200 Series


Telefunken M81 Reggae Universal Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

Page 40 – 133rd AES Convention Products

Dan Dugan Model E-1A Automatic Mixing Controller

Soundcraft Audio Calc Toolkit App

TAIDEN HCS-8301M Digital Audio Mixer

Page 52 – Live Sound Showcase

Kenny Chesney – Opening Song at Solider Field, Chicago

Page 66 – View From The Top

Bob Moses, Executive Director, Audio Engineering Society — full interview

Page 74 – Music, Etc.

Calexico – “Splitter”