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Page 8 - Editorial

Up, Up and AES

The AES Convention

Page 18 - Sound Business - Web Community

From The Pro Sound News Blog

$1.1 Billion For Bad Sound?

RETRO PSN: Steely Dan's Mood Swings On The Move

Exploring Analog Recording with Adam Savage

Sweet Tweet Links

Legendary producer/engineer Ken Scott recalls telling off @thebeatles in the studio.
@TheAtlantic explores the perennial issue, "Why Aren't There More Women Working in Audio?" with a great article
In the ‘80s, every hit song had drums that sounded like cannons going off; this clip shows how and why they did it.
Uber TV-theme composer Mike Post reveals what Law & Order's trademark "Donk-Donk" sound is...
The @sfchronicle profiles sound artist Bill Fontana and his 'sound sculptures' around the city.
VIDEO: The Story Behind Sun Studio's Famous "Slap Back" Echo by Elvis Presley
Pioneering garage rock producer/engineer Dave Kalmbach died 8/12 at 77, due to MS. Great overview of his career.

Video Vault
Berklee Talks Avatar Studios Acquistion

Page 20 - Sound Recording

Rollercoaster Recording's Dave Newton and Thee Mighty Angels

Page 22 - Sound Recording - Studio Showcase

Douglass Recording

Page 34 - Sound Products - Studio

Shure Super 55 Pitch Black Edition
Empirical Labs Arousor 2.0
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX 2 Bass Plug-in
Antelope Vintage Compressor Emulations
Roswell Mini K47 Microphone
Focusrite RedNet X2P Interface
Yamaha MMP1 Monitor Management System
Sterling Ribbon, Condenser Microphones

Page 35 - Sound Products - Sound Reinforcement

Community TT-1020 Tunnel Loudspeaker
Avlex MiPro TA-80 Digital Transmitter
ARX Bows NetSplit Dante/Analog Distribution Splitter
Bosch LB 20 Loudspeakers
Røde Performer Kit Wireless Mic Bundle
Zaxcom ZMT3-HH Digital Recording Wireless Microphone
RDL SF-NL2 Dante-To-XLR Interface
Cerwin-Vega CVE Series Portable PA

Page 36 - Sound Reinforcement

Hailing Comet

Page 38 - Sound Reinforcement - Showcase

Panorama Goes Over The Top Under The Dome

Page 50 - Music, Etc.

Andy Summers