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Page 22 - Sound Business

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The Eternal Quest

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A thoughtful, if not groundbreaking, read about those 'unanimous' albums that pop up once a decade or so.
Belfast Foo Fighters concert gets 100 sound complaints, some from 12 miles away -BBC News
Canadians explore making large-format speaker horns out of hemp.
Cavern Club's Reslo Microphone used by John Lennon in the early '60s to go up for auction.
A nice look at the economics of vinyl record manufacturing.


The Ghosts of Technology Past: Online Museum Preserves “Endangered Sounds”
Getting More Out of Pro Tools With David Franz

Video Vault

Rsonist Fires Up Diamond District Studios

Page 27 - Studio Showcase

Radar Recording Studio

Page 34 - Sound Products (Studio)

Ragu spot, featuring music and lyrics by Butter.

Page 38 - Sound Technology

Clips from Rob Tavaglione’s evaluations for the ST6050 and Alan Sides' demo tracks

Page 40 - Sound Products (Studio)

Focusrite Forte Portable, iTrack Solo
Roland R-88 Recorder/Mixer
Sonodyne SM 200AK Monitor
Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac
AKG Project Studio C4500 BC
Avid Pro Tools Native Thunderbolt I/O
iZotope Alloy 2 Plug-In

Page 41 - Sound Products (Studio)

Massey CT5 Compressor Plug-In
Sound Devices 664 Mixer
Apogee Quartet Mac Interface
SSL ScreenSound ADR
BAE 10DC Compressor/Limiter
MASI SurCode Updates
Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor Plug-in
Radial Powerhouse 500 Series Rack
Propellerhead Figure 1.2

Page 42 - Sound Products (Live Sound)

Behringer Xi Control iPad App
Peavey PVX Series loudspeakers
Quiztones Android App
Bassmaxx CCM112 YesMon
Fane Colossus Prime 15XS
Community VERIS 2 Loudspeakers
AKG WMS4500 Wireless System Sets
Danley SM-80 Loudspeaker

Page 43 - Sound Products (Live Sound)

Mackie DL 1608 iOS App Update
Crown Audio VRack 4x3500HD
Sennheiser Digital 9000 Wireless System
Rational Acoustics Smaart v.7.4
Allen & Heath XB-10
CEDAR DNS 8 Live Noise Suppressor
DiGiCo SD9 Rack Pack Option

Page 48 - Live Sound Showcase

My Morning Jacket - "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" - Williamsburg Park, NYC

Page 51 - Sound Reinforcement

Huntington Lighthouse Music Festival 2012 Slideshow

Page 66 - Music, Etc.

Keane "Silenced By The Night"