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There’s More: PSN May, 2011 Links

Page 5
DiGiCo SD10 Demo Video
DiGiCo SD11 Demo Video

Page 14
Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

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Sweet Tweet Links
Were Ancient Maya Temples Giant Loudspeakers?

A thoughtful response to Jon Bon Jovi’s “Steve Jobs is killing the music business” comments.

The end of an era: Mercury Records stops production of physical singles in UK.

Fun fact of the day: The groove on one LP side is 1600 feet or about 1/3 of a mile long.

DIY HiFi Orthodynamic Portable Headphones (aka Ribbon Driver Headphones)

Online Brief
Mic Survives Dropkick Murphys

Re-Recording McCartney’s Ram in 31 Days

Book Review: The Rock Bible

Content Comments
Pondering the Future of Live Sound

Page 18
Salt of the Earth – The Jupiter EP

Page 20
A Simple, Timeless Chain – Brian Lucey Video

Page 30
Visit the Clubhouse and the backup program they use

Musikmesse 2011: Smithson Martin Emulator DJ Controller Video

Page 34
Focusrite VRM Box Demonstration Video

Page 35
Selected Audio Clips: JZ Vintage Series LDC Microphones

Page 36
RealTraps “Hearing Is Believing” Demo Video

Page 40
Janet Jackson fan-shot live clip

Page 42
Rascal Flatts fan-shot live clip

Page 52
SR Education interviews

Page 53
Mark Graham interview transcript

Page 56
View From The Top

Malcom Toft discusses the new ATB08M and ATB04M consoles