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Thwak Moves to Avatar Studios

New York, NY (January 27, 2006)--NYC-based music company, Thwak!, owned by producer/drummer, Tony Verderosa, recently moved its operations to Avatar Studios.

New York, NY (January 27, 2006)–NYC-based music company, Thwak!, owned by producer/drummer, Tony Verderosa, recently moved its operations to Avatar Studios.

Verderosa’s team has expertise in artist placement, music licensing and original music for TV and film. Thwak!’s artist roster is comprised of Grammy-winning writer/producers. Thwack!’s artists have produced tracks and remixes for brands such as Dr. Pepper, Clairol, Chevron, AT&T, and BMW among others.

“Our clients call on us to produce music that sounds like it was lifted from a hit record,” Verderosa offered. “The list of Grammy-nominated projects that have been recorded and mixed at Avatar is intense. The day to day list of artists and engineers who work here include John Mayer, Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, Donald Fagen, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt, Franz Ferdinand, Muse and Bebel Gilberto (to name a few). Avatar is the perfect home for Thwak!

“Most of us have established our reputation in the recording industry. We bring that wealth of experience to the table for each of our agency clients,” Verderosa continued.

Thwak! is consistently expanding its roster, having recently signed Vic Thrill and producer/remixer Jack D. Elliot. Vic Thrill and The Saturn Missile have just completed their new CD Circus of Enlightenment. Verderosa added, “Vic exemplifies the type of artist we like to work with–highly motivated and fiercely innovative.”

Vic Thrill is an internationally touring artist, and his new autobiographical book for Random House is being made into a feature film by Paramount Pictures, produced by Lorne Michaels and John Goldwyn (with screenplay by Tina Fey). The film is called Vic Thrill and Curly Oxide and features Sasha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G) playing one of the leads.

Y&R NY has recently tapped into Thwak!’s team of talent for a new Dr. Pepper campaign that features Mash Ups of artists such as Kiss, Will Smith, EMF and Cyndi Lauper. Writer/remixer Jack D. Elliot is releasing singles this year with Lucas Prata, Britney Spears, Christine W. and Reina and has also been involved in the Dr. Pepper campaign along with Drew Manzano, Tony Verderosa and chief engineer Christian Wicht.

Philippe Saisse has just released his new Solo CD called The Body and Soul Sessions which is getting heavy airplay nationally and he just performed live on TV (CBS) for the Kennedy Center Honors performing with Beyonce, KD Lang, Melissa Etheridge, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams and Al Green.

“Thwak! Music provides an important bridge to Madison Avenue,” said Kirk Imamura, owner of Avatar. “Our alliance with Tony opens up new markets and provides Tony with a solid acoustic space and support team for all of his projects.”

“I’m thrilled to be at Avatar,” stated Verderosa. “It’s a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate any type of project from remix-style sessions to a 60-piece string orchestra. I played drums on records this year for artists such as Jessica Simpson and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. I am thrilled to be doing 100 percent of my drum tracking in Avatar’s Legendary Live Rooms.”

Verderosa also added, “There is a growing synergy between the recording industry and the advertising industry and Thwak! @ Avatar will continue to be at the forefront of that movement.”


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