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Tin Ear Hears SSL

Nashville, TN (September 2, 2009)--Mix and overdub facility The Tin Ear Studio on Nashville's Music Row has installed an SSL AWS 900+ SE console and SSL X-Rack.

Nashville, TN (September 2, 2009)–Mix and overdub facility The Tin Ear Studio on Nashville’s Music Row has installed an SSL AWS 900+ SE console and SSL X-Rack.

“For the last 10 years, I was a big mixing-in-the-box advocate, but I finally had to come to terms with the fact there were things I just could not accomplish,” says Chip Matthews, owner of The Tin Ear Studio. “The very first day that I used the AWS I noticed a huge difference in the sound. I wasn’t working nearly as hard to get drums to start the foundation of a mix. I was getting the snap, the pop, the real clean compression with the quick transient and quick release that I was literally spending hours trying to accomplish in the box. So I was a believer in the AWS right off.”

“There have been no bugs in the system and the AWS recall software has worked perfectly. More importantly, the clients have noticed the difference in the sound. There is a fine edge between a very good sound and a great one. The AWS starts with a great sound making my workload much easier.”

Matthews initially finished mixing several songs in the box for recording star and Grammy winner Richard Marx’s new private release project. When the AWS 900+ SE and the X-Rack rack filled with Dynamics Modules were integrated into the studio, Matthews mixed a track through the new system and the outcome really pleased Marx.

“We were almost done with the project when I integrated the AWS and XRack into the studio,” Matthews relates. “I mixed a song through the AWS and Marx loved it so much, he turned around and sent me another big hit of his to mix as well. We just finished a new rock version of his hit ‘Shoulda Known Better,’ and everyone was blown away with the sound.” Both songs were added to Marx’s current release Emotional Remains and repackaged for release.

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