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Northridge, CA (March 30, 2011)--SmartSound Software's new Quicktracks cloud-based service gives users control of the company's royalty free music library over the web.

Northridge, CA (March 30, 2011)–SmartSound Software’s new Quicktracks cloud-based service gives users control of the company’s royalty-free music library over the web.

Reportedly the industry’s first web service to provide music track customization online, Quicktracks will give SmartSound users creative control over the company’s royalty-free music library directly from the web site. SmartSound will launch Quicktracks at NAB 2011.

“For years, people who have been downloading music from music websites have still been burdened with the process of getting it to fit their media projects,” said Kevin Klingler, CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. “Quicktracks represents a watershed moment in production music by allowing the user to quickly and easily adjust the length, arrangement and mix of the music to fit their needs in just seconds, right at the web site, and then simply download the finished track for their project. Downloadable music just got creative.”

“I shoot a wide variety of projects, so I’m often traveling and deadlines are always tight,” said Benjamin Bertsch, videographer and vendor for Source Interlink, one of the largest publishers of magazines and online content for enthusiast audiences in the world. “We first switched to SmartSound because their customizable music literally saves us hours of music editing without compromising the integrity of the music. The new Quicktracks service is great, because now I can access music that I can quickly customize to my project even on a shoot; I no longer have to carry around a stack of CDs in my bag.”

Selecting music from SmartSound’s library, users can set the length of the track precisely, choose a musical arrangement and instrument mix right over the internet, and download a customized music track sized and arranged to meet project requirements.

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