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Todd-AO First with 3-D Sound

Hollywood, CA (November 11, 2009)--Todd-AO has become the first US sound facility to acquire the ability to mix feature films in the Iosono "3-D sound" format.

Hollywood, CA (November 11, 2009)–Todd-AO has become the first US sound facility to acquire the ability to mix feature films in the Iosono “3-D sound” format.

Proprietary Iosono technology has been added to Stage 2 at Todd-AO’s Burbank facility allowing mixers to create three-dimensional film soundtracks.

Initially targeted at stereoscopic 3D movies and theme park attractions, the Iosono format, developed by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, marks a clear break with movie sound technologies of the past. Based on the principle of “wavefield synthesis,” the Iosono system results in a three-dimensional sound experience that NPR has called “a breathtaking synchronization in sound” that “breaks the fourth wall between the audience and the performance.” Todd-AO expects to mix its first project using the new system this fall.

In preparation for working with the new format, Stage 2 at Todd-AO Burbank has been outfitted with an encompassing array of 672 speakers reproducing 224 audio channels and delivering 44,000 watts of amplification. Four Iosono render PCS have also been added, as well as an Iosono Spatial Audio Workstation, or SAW, an authoring tool that allows a mixer to work in the 3D Sound environment.

Iosono 3D Sound also requires a modification of the movie theater environment. To date a number of theaters and other venues have been adapted to support the technology including Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Iosono expects another 50 theaters to install the system in the US in advance of its formal launch next year.

Although the technology has an obvious application to stereoscopic 3-D movies and theme park attractions, Iosono believes that 3D Sound can also enhance conventional “2-D” films. Eventually, the company plans also to adapt the technology for the consumer home theater market.

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