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Treasure Isle Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Nashville, TN (October 28, 2005)--Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary on September 22 with a three week block booking of Be Your Own Pet, a Nashville based teen rock band.

Nashville, TN (October 28, 2005)–Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary on September 22 with a three week block booking of Be Your Own Pet, a Nashville based teen rock band.

Studio owner/operator Fred Vail, who co-founded the studio with two former partners in 1980, has seen the studio scene in Nashville grow and prosper, and–at the same time–has seen it suffer from overbuilding and a sharp decline in country music sales. “I truly believe that what has kept Treasure Isle on top of it’s game for the past 25 years is not that we opted for every new gadget that came down the pike,” said Vail, a former manager of The Beach Boys. “If we had gone that route we would have been forced to fold our tent many years ago. What has kept us going is our determination to be the best ‘overall value’ of any studio in the city–combined with our unique acoustic ‘live’ sound. Like the old saying: often imitated, never duplicated.”

Along the way Treasure Isle was noted for a number of “firsts,” including Nashville’s first LEDE type room design (1982), the city’s first multitrack digital studio (1983), the first Trident 80 Series room, and among the first to offer Radar24. Digidesign Pro Tools HD and 24 track 2″ analog are also offered. A “B” room was opened in 1987 and completely renovated earlier this year.

“Our large tracking room, with its 24 foot ceilings and abundant ISO’s, has helped us tremendously,” added Vail. “Plus, we were the ‘right room at the right time.’ When we designed the room in ’81, after losing our lease in a Music Row location, we wanted to offer something a bit different. There had been a moratorium on studio building. Studio business in general–as well as the record industry–was not doing all that great. About the same time there was a new crop of young progressive producers on the horizon: Paul Worley, James Stroud, Tony Brown, and Steve Buckingham, along with engineer/producers Ed Seay and Doug Johnson. They would reshape the Nashville music scene. They booked our room partly in an effort to break with the past.”

As such, not only did the legendary artists, including Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Sting, B. B. King, Linda Ronstadt, Isaac Hayes, James Taylor, The Beach Boys, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings and Ricky Skaggs experience the Treasure Isle “sound,” but so did newcomers Lyle Lovett, Pam Tillis, Highway 101, Travis Tritt, Little Texas, Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd–who all recorded their debut albums at the studio.

In the early and mid-90’s, before the name “Americana” had emerged on the music scene, the studio was once again the right studio at the right time, recording Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane, Steve Earle, and Rodney Crowell, who’s last three solo albums were tracked, overdubbed and mixed at Treasure Isle. Co-producer/engineer Peter Coleman has basically made his home at the studio since the early 90’s.

“We’re extremely proud of our friendship and relationship with Peter and Rodney. Fate’s Right Hand, recorded in ’03, was voted the #1 Nashville album of the year–and it had some stiff competition,” added Vail. Crowell’s new release, “The Outsider,” was also recorded at the studio.

“With all the new studio activity in Nashville–and millions upon millions of dollars being spent to build the ‘ultimate’ room, it’s pleasing to know that we started Treasure Isle with $35,000 and a dream: to build the best sounding room, offering great equipment, yet not losing the ‘vibe’ that is so important in the creative process. I think we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,” concluded Vail.

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