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TRUE Systems Microphone Preamplifiers – Now With Sennheiser USA Distribution

Sennheiser announced that it has added TRUE Systems, a highly regarded U.S.-based manufacturer of microphone preamplifiers, to its family of distributed brands.

Sennheiser has added TRUE Systems to its family of distributed brands. Currently, TRUE Systems offers five high-performance, high quality microphone preamplifiers, which are affordably priced and range from single-channel to eight channel models, including their latest offering, a 500 Series compatible module. These are as follows:

1. Precision 8: This 8 channel, 1U unit features built-in MS (Mid-Side) decoding, selectable high-impedance (DI) inputs, 5-segment level indicators, continuous gain controls, and flexible output configurations.

2. P2 Analog: This two channel microphone/instrument preamplification unit has stereo phase correlation display, M-S (Mid-Side) decoding, variable high-pass filters, and flexible output configuration.

3. P-Solo: This single-channel microphone and instrument preamplifier unit is in a very portable chassis.

4. P-Solo Ribbon: This unit is the P-Solo plus ribbon mic amplification features, offering up to 76 dB of gain in two ranges, electronically balanced, high impedance mic input, discrete FET instrument input, 80Hz high pass filter, a 4-segment LED bar graph level meter with signal present and overload indicators, plus a continuously variable gain control.

5. pT2-500: This API 500 series compatible mic preamp module offers a DI circuit,and THRU jack.

Prices: $2,995 (Precision 8); $3,195 (Precision 8 w/ international power supply); $1,695 (P2 Analog); $695 (P-Solo); $695 (P-Solo Ribbon); $749 (pT2-500)

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