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Tsunami HQ2002S Stereo Power Amplifier

The Tsunami HQ2002S ($1,195) is a two-channel stereo amp putting out 980 W per channel into 4 ohms.

The Tsunami HQ2002S ($1,195) is a two-channel stereo amp putting out 980 W per channel into 4 ohms.

Features/In use

According to the manual, Total Harmonic Distortion at 1 kHz is 0.17 percent. Input sensitivity is preset at 0 dBu or 0.775 V. Signal to noise is clean at >100 dB. Channel separation is greater than 60 dB. The front panel has four standard rack-screw holes and carrying handles towards the outside of the front frame. It also has control and monitoring of the output level. To oversee level, Tsunami installed four LEDs – two green to indicate the presence of signal and two red for overload.

Two inset volume knobs allow for gain control. Additionally, next to the large power switch Tsunami provides a green power LED and a red LED that show power-on status and protect mode, respectively.

One amazing part of this package is its weight. At 27.5 lb., it’s portable enough to put into a DJ package or a musician’s rig for easy travel. This weight reduction is due largely to the switching power supply being used.

I was impressed with the well-thought out layout of the amp’s rear panel. The input section is well separated from the output section and the power supply cord. This means less interference between circuitry.

The connector has a female 1/4″ jack in the center and XLR connector toward the outside of the 1/4″ connection. Just below, a set of male XLR jacks is available to take these same inputs out to another device needing the same signal.

The jacks eliminate need for Y cables and are a definite plus. A dual-bridge switch is located directly below these I/O jacks to toggle between stereo and bridged-mono operation. The rear panel is well labeled, making it easy to wire the banana output jacks. In addition, Tsunami has installed both banana binding posts and Neutrik NL-4 connectors. Lastly, the pin wiring configurations and output wattage, as well as an EMI filter, are labeled and installed on the rear panel.

During an event with the Dayton (Ohio) Symphony, I put the Tsunami amp to use as a front fill amplifier. Prior to use, I allowed a few hours of burn-in period. The amp powered four Bose 402 speakers. Two pairs were jumpered together on each amp channel to put roughly a four-ohm load on the amp.

During TEF tests, the amp showed no major signs of changing the signal. No buzzes or hums were noticeable during any of the symphony performances or rehearsals.

Overall, it sounded pleasant and rich in the first three rows, which were being covered by the front fills and Tsunami amp.


The weight, ease of use, low cost and flexibility of this amp all make it a worthwhile investment. Musicians, DJs, small sound systems and schools or churches could all benefit from the acquisition of the Tsunami HQ2002S amplifier.

Contact:Tsunami at 415-776-9705.