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UKs Fishfactory Adds API Legacy

London, UK (March 24, 2008)--Fishfactory Studios in north London has purchased a 32-channel API Legacy Plus console.

Antonio Feola, owner of Fishfactory Studios, one of London’s most unique recording facilities, has purchased a 32-channel API Legacy console.London, UK (March 24 2008)–Fishfactory Studios in north London has purchased a 32-channel API Legacy Plus console.

“I needed something that was reliable with a great analog sound,” said Antonio Feola, chief engineer and owner of Fishfactory Studios, who purchased the Legacy to replace an aging and increasingly unreliable console. “API is at the top of a very short list of manufacturers who still build their equipment with discrete analog circuitry. API’s reputation is unrivaled, and the Legacy Plus is quite affordable.”

A drummer and avid recordist since the age of 13, Feola brings a wealth of experience and know-how to his passion, recording live jazz, rock, and other music in his spacious live room, which has a layout reminiscent of Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 2. A diehard fan of analog audio, he commented, “I have Studer cassette decks and I listen to my music on tape cassettes. It has only been a couple of months since the Legacy Plus was commissioned but I have had time to put it through its paces. The API sounds lovely with my Studer two-inch tape machine. The sound is beautiful.”

A number of sessions have already been recorded through the desk, he shared. “We did some recording with Zero 7 and I’ve done two jazz albums. Right now I’m doing some piano recording. Now that the word is out, we’ve had artists such as Beverly Knight, Lily Allen, Brand New Heavies, Kate Nash, Kula Shaker, Pino Palladino, Some Velvet Morning, Ian Thomas and Bob Martin, and top producers Johnny Dollar (Massive Attack), Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys), Mike Pelanconi (Graham Coxon and Rik Simpson [Coldplay]) in the studio to try the desk and see what it can do.”