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Vad Picks PMC Monitors for Orchestral Projects

Irvine, CA (November 12, 2008)--Working regularly with the San Francisco Symphony has made recording engineer Jack Vad a fan of PMC monitoring systems.

Recording engineer Jack Vad is
a fan of PMC monitoring systems.
Irvine, CA (November 12, 2008)–Working regularly with the San Francisco Symphony has made recording engineer Jack Vad a fan of PMC monitoring systems.

“Having used PMC IB2S monitors in my personal production facility for around 18 months,” the Grammy-nominated producer/engineer recalls, “when the time came to add a surround system for the orchestra’s various media productions, I went with an array of PMC AML1 5.0 active cabinets.”

Vad’s 7.1-channel PMC monitoring array at his project studio comprises five IB2S cabinets for left, center, right, left-surround and right-surround channels, plus a pair of PMC DB1S-A active near-field cabinets for left-side and right-side channels. A pair of Bryston 4B and two Parasound A21 amplifiers power the multichannel IB2S system. Recording and production equipment includes a Merging Technologies Pyramix digital audio workstation with V-Cube video playback, plus a TC Electronic System 6000 Digital Reverb.

“I selected the IB2S/DB1 system because, in terms of dynamic performance, I was looking for the ultimate in high-resolution playback,” Vad recalls. “I wanted the system to be as flat as possible, with no hyping of the output. I listen on headphones during a recording session, so that I can hear the smallest details and listen closely to the low-level resolution. The PMCs provide that same level of accuracy for me, so I never miss even the smallest of imperfections. In fact, I am using headphones less and less since I got this PMC system, because it provides me with a better idea of the dynamic content, and I can hear more of the low-end content on a track. In other words, to use a visual analogy, I can ‘see’ everything in the mix; everything is there in front of me.”

The PMC IB2S three-way Passive Studio Monitor is equipped with the firm’s three-inch PMC75 soft-dome mid-range driver. Other features include PMC’s ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) with two sections; a twin-chamber fabric soft-dome HF driver with Ferro fluid cooling; and a 10-inch carbon-fiber/Nomex LF piston driver. Quoted LF response extends down to 25 Hz.

Recent sessions at Vad’s PMC-equipped project studio include remixing an episode of the PBS TV documentary series Keeping Score with the San Francisco Symphony for 5.1 DVD and eventual 7.1-channel release on Blu-ray media. The high-definition DVD will feature performances of Hector Berlioz’ “Symphonie Fantastique” and Charles Ives’ “Holiday Symphony.” “It’s an outstanding performance,” Vad considers. “Imaging on the IB2S monitors is extraordinarily good!”